“low”~ PhotoHunt

Most people just look up at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but if you look down low you will see the amazing base of this incredible tower.


When looking down low, I discovered these cool creatures sculpted into the base of benches both at Villa Taranto on Lago di Maggiore


and in Lonato outside of the Casa del Podestà


21 thoughts on ““low”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Wonderful shots for this weeks challenge. I have really enjoyed seeing some of your pictures from your trip on your blog. Italy is such a wonderful place to photograph, and you are so right, we so often do not take the time to look down.


  2. It is such a fait d’accomplice! or how ever you say it. BTW: Are you watching the Red Sox/Yankees series? I know you are on a time delay for the games so …..menehune


  3. Hi Girasoli, wonderful photos and great take on this week’s theme. And you are so right, I don’t even remember seeing the bottom of the tower in Pisa because I was so preoccupied with looking up at the lean. Love the faces on the benches too.
    Have a great Sunday! Btw, I didn’t realize that Boston was in a series with NYY. Sorry to have missed it.


  4. Love these photos and how they apply to the theme. There is always so much to see when travelling and let us know forget the very low to the ground details. Wonderful.


  5. Great take on the theme! You are right – probably very few people look down while viewing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


  6. Thanks everyone! It took me three visits to notice the base of the Leaning Tower. So glad I did.
    menehune, yes I watched yesterday’s horrible game. I thought Bucholz would implode but instead we blew the game by not hitting. The games are live, just shown a lot earlier. I muted Fox and listened to gameday audio WRKO. Today the game will be on again. Crossing my fingers we can take 1 game this weekend. Friday night’s game was a killer.
    Kathy, so far there has not been much to see (if you are a Red Sox fan).


  7. Cool choice for the theme! Those faces look very interesting and scary.
    Happy Sunday!
    (to answer your comment about the tumbleweeds, I found them on Wikimedia Commons. You can copy any animated graphic just the same way one copies a photo. Thank you for your comments; I enjoyed reading every single one)


  8. Excellent shot of the tower base, it’s all beautiful! And that face in the middle at Villa Taranto – awesome – I love it! (And I too love the sidebar photo!)


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