exterior of the Baptistery of Parma

The pink and white marble octagonal shaped Battistero or Baptistery of Parma was designed by Benedetto Antelami, who was director of works from 1196 to 1216. Benedetto Antelami was one of the most important sculptors of the late Romanesque period Italy. The Baptistery was completed in the Gothic style in either 1260, 1270 or 1307 (the information I have read cites different completion dates). Does anyone know the correct date?


Below are more photos of the exterior of the Baptistery of Parma, including close ups of the sculptures above the three doorways.


4 thoughts on “exterior of the Baptistery of Parma

  1. Girasoli, your photos are (as always) fantastic. You’ve captured some remarkable architectural details.
    I loved this Baptistry, thought it was just stunning.
    And there does seem to be a lot of questions around just when construction was finished! I notice that the official Parma comune website says it was completed between 1302 and 1307. But who knows?


  2. Wow, what beautiful and intricately detailed sculptures, and the marble is gorgeous. No wonder you love this Baptistry. I too hope to see it for myself someday…in the meantime, thanks so much for introducing me to it, and sharing your excellent photos.


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