17 thoughts on ““ripples”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, cute ducks and I like the ripples they make as them move across their little pond there. Great photo selection for this week’s theme.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. WOW! I love the reflection of the ducks in the water and the ripples they made while forging ahead to whereever they were going.
    Are those Hawaiian nenes? Lovely shot!


  3. Hi G: Great photo of the ducks! menehune PS: How about those SOX! I was at a Mets game (Ty’s team – don’t ask) and saw the scoreboard of last night’s massacre and almost cried. Made it home today to watch the last 4 innings of the sweet revenge! menehune


  4. Thanks again everyone :)
    Menehune, today’s game was so much better than yesterday’s game although I expected the loss yesterday with Penny pitching and was happy to see us score 11 runs just the same. We could have given up all together but we didn’t. Hoping Wake pitching Wed. means Penny will not be pitching again. I was pleasantly surprised to see Tazawa pitch so well today. I was only able to listen to today’s game because FOX chose to show the Dodgers/Cubs here on TV but FOX drives me crazy anyways and I was happy just the same listening to WRKO call the game. I saw all the important highlights on the web later on. GO SOX!!! I am not giving up on them until that fat lady sings… Mets huh??


  5. G: Not meaning to hijack this thread – but Penny is gone — so ‘they’ say. Dice K is on his way back. Yeah, for Wake. There’s still life to them – just need some pitching to support their bats……Go SOX — yeah, Mets – what can I say? He loves to pick losers:-) menehune


  6. Carver, I was surprised to find such a perfect representation. The wavy lines though were from the reflection of the telephone lines.
    Thanks June!
    Leslie, it is hot and humid here! Wish I could send some warmth your way…
    menehune, not a problem! I read today that he will still be around (not gone completely) but at least he won’t be a starter, although Clay was not shining today, then again neither was Beckett. But I still BELIEVE!! We have been in worse situations and have come through. This will at least get rid of all the “I only root for a winner Sox fans”. GO SOX!!!


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