“electric”~ PhotoHunt

I have not been able to make up my mind on which way to go with this PhotoHunt challenge. Since I can’t decide, I’ve decided to post all of my ideas.

Views, scenes, and buildings at night lit up by electricity ~ Rome


~ Florence


~ Venice


~ Isola Bella


Music powered by electricity, electric guitars, electric lights & a video of the band powerd by electricity ~ Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca at night


Abstract photo of electric lights ~ taken in Lerici while sitting outside on my balcony at Hotel Doria and playing with my camera at night.


An electric car ~ I saw the coolest car this summer while in either Florence or Bologna. I am pretty sure it was in Florence but can’t remember for sure. I do remember walking by it almost every day. It was tiny and blue. I thought about taking a photo of it many times as I walked by it but just never did. Kicking myself now! So, instead here is a re-post of a photo I posted a year ago of a yellow electric car I saw while staying in Bologna in 2008.

electric car.jpg

So which way would you have taken this post??

14 thoughts on ““electric”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, wow! Fabulous choices for this week’s theme. No wonder you had a hard time choosing… I love all of them, especially Venice at night!
    Have a great day today!


  2. I like the night pictures including the abstract. The ambiance of night shots always are a winner for me. I did got with the electric appliance on my blog but mainly because I had a good old and new appliance idea.


  3. Great photo selection! Love them all, in particular the nighttime images. Makes me wish to be there right now. I also love the cute little electric car. It looks smaller than the Smart car.


  4. Sandra, glad you liked them all :)
    Peter, thanks! The beautiful setting helps with getting a good photo.
    Barb, so happy to make you happy!
    Kathy, ahhh Venice! Another beautiful place.
    Marta, I always have fun playing around with night photos (even though I still really don’t know exactly what I am doing with my camera yet).
    Maria, I always wish I was there when looking at my photos. Glad you enjoyed my choices. The electric car looks cute but not too safe.


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