“upside down”~ PhotoHunt

I have taken many reflection photos over the years, many that I think are much better shots than this one, but this is the photo I immediately thought of when seeing the upside down theme this week. Last spring, my class went to Kualoa Ranch for a field trip. The following day, I showed my students a slide show of all the the photos I took during our field trip. One of my students, a 3-year old, made the comment “upside down” when he saw this photo.

upside down.JPG

The second photo was taken at the fish market in Bologna this summer. I purposefully did not post it (even though it was my favorite) when posting my other photos of the fish market because I wanted to use it for the theme this week. I was drawn to this fish for some reason when checking out the different types of fish at the market that day. I have no idea what type of fish it is or how it tastes, but I thought it was pretty cool looking, even though it is also a bit gruesome looking.

upside down fish.JPG

12 thoughts on ““upside down”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, great reflection photo and wow that fish sure has big eyes. I don’t think I’ve seen a fish like that before.
    Great choices for this week’s theme. Have a great Sunday!


  2. Great choice of photos for the theme. That fish sure has big eyes. I see a long stretched out body next to the head so it might be a type of light colored eel (silver eel?) or a fish with similar shape.


  3. A belated thanks everyone!!
    Deborah, he really did look so sad.
    sandrac, if only the tacky sign wasn’t there, it could be a painting! I liked the colors also. I usually love the signs in food photos with the euro prices and Italian writing, but in this case, I could have done without the sign.
    María, it probably is an eel. I just haven’t seen one so wide and thin before. I wonder how it tastes?


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