16 thoughts on ““twisted”~ PhotoHunt

  1. I was looking at the photos, thinking those look familiar, is this the Duomo in Florence?! Got to your caption and YES, I was right!! You’ve managed to create a really cool optical effect with these photos – scroll up and down them and those columns appear to be twirling!


  2. Barb, glad you liked my choice of photos :)
    Marta, usually the door is open, but I was lucky to catch it one day when it was closed. I loved how delicately it was carved.
    Eden, glad you liked my photos :)
    Randi, thanks! Florence is amazing!!
    jams O’Donnell, thanks!
    Carver, thanks! I love the detail on some of the more ornate churches in Italy.
    Peter, thanks :)
    Kathy, it took me a bit to remember that I took these photos when figuring out what I wanted to use this week. Glad you like them :)
    Anne, I was going to put the location on the top but then decided on putting it under the photos so everyone could guess. Good job! Thanks for noticing the order. It tried to put them in an order so when you scrolled up and down they would go well one after another.
    Anne & Maria, glad you got the optical illusion effect :)


  3. hi G: Excellent clarity to your photos. It was a trivia game for me – I knew I had seem those columns somewhere:-) Isn’t Florence marvelously rich with art at practically every corner of the Duomo. I fell in love with the Bapistry doors when I was there too.


  4. menehune, thanks! I am mesmerized every time I stand in front of the Duomo in Florence.
    Woo hoo for the Sox! We are in!!! Of course it would have been nicer if we won more of of the past few games. But, I would rather see them lose now than once the postseason begins. GO SOX!!!


  5. Amen sista! Go Sox — now they have to get everyone healthy! It’s a great time of year – Sox, Patriots, Celtics soon, BC football. Oh yes — there is a black and yellow team that flies around the ice too!


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