“words”~ PhotoHunt

Words chiseled in stone (Capitoline Museums in Rome)


Words created by mosaics (Neonian Baptistery in Ravenna)


(close up)


Words typed (part of the script of Psycho ~ Cinema Museum in Torino)


(cropped photo/close up of the script)


Words written in chalk (street in Stresa)


13 thoughts on ““words”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Don’t know for sure what I did with my previous submit = anyway – love your shots but especially the last brought a smile to me..hope life is good in Hawaii..menehune


  2. Hello! I love the pictures. Esp the one written in chalk. Brings back fond memories. I use to write words with chalk on the space outside my house. Parents didn’t like them very much though. :D
    have a fab weekend.


  3. I love all your photos for this weeks challenge, but the last one, just brought a big smile to my face! That one is priceless. I was not at home to take part this week, so will have to wait til the next time. How is life in Hawaii.


  4. Hi Girasoli, great collection of photos for this week’s theme. I love all of them. The cinema and chalk one are really cool!
    Have a great day today!


  5. Excellent photos!! I have to go with the flow and say that the last one brought a smile to my face too. Chalk writing and drawing reminds me of my darling girls out in my mom’s driveway, scribbling away on their masterpieces! What fun!


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