a few of my favorite flowers from Villa Taranto

There were so many beautiful flowers in the gardens of Villa Taranto. Here are a few of my favorites:


Water Lilies (Nymphaeaceae)


Brugmansia Suaveolens

I had to google this one. I found out that this flower is known commonly as either the Angel’s Trumpet flower or the Angel’s Tears flower. It is also known as the Datura. While researching this flower, I found out that this flower is poisonous, has been used as an antiasthmatic and antispasmodic medication, and has been used as a hallucinogen. I just thought it was pretty.

Brugmansia Suaveolens – ‘Frosty Pink’


Hibiscus Syriacus – var. Blue Bird

You may be wondering why I would include a hibiscus flower since the hibiscus flower is very common in Hawaii. This was the first time I have seen a blue (although to me it seemed more like lilac) hibiscus flower. With purple being my favorite color, I was pretty excited to see this color hibiscus flower. The photo is not that great though. The wind and the sun were not cooperating much for me when I came upon this flower.


I do have one more flower to share. It was my very favorite flower. I am saving it for my next post.

Happy Wednesday!

GO SOX!!!!

10 thoughts on “a few of my favorite flowers from Villa Taranto

  1. These are beautiful photos! We have those Angel’s Trumpets here in NC but I’ve never seen a pink one, only white. They are cool plants. Love the water lilies! Can’t wait to see your fave.


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are all so beautiful! Great close-up photos. Can’t wait to see your favorite flower post…
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a great day today! And yes goooo Sox. Oh but aren’t they playing the Angels today! Now I’m torn… :) May the best team win!


  3. I am so glad you are continuing with your trip blogging! Those flowers are fabulous. We would like to visit Stresa, so keep writing about your adventures. We seem to love all the same places!


  4. Barb, you’re welcome :)
    Annie, interesting that you have Angel’s Trumpets. The sign said the white ones were from Brazil, Bolivia, & Peru. The pink ones didn’t have an origin but I thought it was cool how the sign called them ‘Frosty Pink”. I thought the pink ones were unique.
    Kathy, thanks! Happy to share. Well, if you ask me who the best team is…. :)
    Palma, glad you are enjoying my posts. I still have a few days to go. We do seem to like the same places :)


  5. Thanks nancy! I think my camera has something to do with a few of the good shots. Also, making sure the flower is not moving with the wind which can be tricky at times. I am learning but still have a lot more to figure out to get really good. I appreciate the compliment.


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