“free week”~ PhotoHunt

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is FREE WEEK share any pix you’d like. Since I have been talking about my time in Stresa, Italy in my last few posts, I decided to share some photos I took early one evening while in Stresa down by the water.


12 thoughts on ““free week”~ PhotoHunt

  1. G: Great photos. Wonder what ‘their’ story is? I think you have a penchant for wildlife – I remember turtle and duck photos in past posts….-) Have a great week, menehune


  2. WOW, they seem very comfortable with you taking photos of them. Wonder if they have been subjects of many photographs in the past that they got used to that acitivity. :)


  3. Hi Girasoli, these are wonderful photos and a great idea to continue along the lines of your posts on Stresa. (I really need to get there one day soon, it sounds so beautiful). Out of curiosity, what was the duck doing in that second photo? It looks like it is sleeping but that would be such an odd not to mention uncomfortable position. What a unique and interesting image you captured!
    Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful trip photos with us. Have a great day today!


  4. Thanks everyone. They really didn’t mind at all that I got up close to them. Not sure if they are regular subjects of photographers. I was the only one that evening taking photos although others watched.
    menehune, I have always been fascinated by wildlife.
    Marta, that was my favorite photo also. I just wish the lighting was better for that photo.
    Kathy, I think he or she was rubbing his/her head.


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