“tied”~ PhotoHunt

I’ve decided to stretch the theme a little this week. Many years ago, horses and perhaps mules were tied to these…

bologna tied.JPG(photo taken in Bologna)

florence tied.JPG
(photo taken in Florence)

lonato tied
(photo taken in Lonato)

14 thoughts on ““tied”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Nice collection! Love all those flower petals on the ground in the Florence one. Believe it or not, there’s one of these in Venice, from way back when they allowed horses. I’ve read that Venetians think it’s good luck to clang it when they walk by (but I haven’t found the thing yet).
    OT but there was a story on the ABC national news last night about Hawaii public schools moving to a 4-day week. Wow. I don’t know how that affects you but it’s such a major decision.
    Hope you’re having a nice weekend!


  2. Thanks everyone :)
    menehune, I agree. The old buildings are so interesting in Europe.
    canid, besides a couple of days of wind, it has been very hot and humid (but typical for the month of October). A hurricane fortunately passed us but left us with more humid weather this weekend. We have not had much rain though.
    Annie, I think there might have been a wedding there but I’m not positive. That would have been fun to see. Oooooh, that would be a fun scavenger hunt to look for the one in Venice.
    Furloughs. The State is in a financial mess (being a tourist state) and the education budget has been slashed and then slashed again. We just settled our contract for 17 furlough days per school year (this year and next). She originally wanted 30 and is now trying to say she had nothing to do with it and we could have just taken an 8% paycut instead of furloughs. We will have many 4 day weeks now (more this year than next since the furloughs just started. It is a sad day when education is not valued and the budget is slashed to less than bare bones. There are court cases trying to stop this. She has said if the courts stop it, then teachers will be laid off which mean teachers losing jobs and class sizes ballooning – just as bad as less days of school.
    Sandra, I have had weeks like that. I was surprised that I came up with something so easily this week. I am stumped so far for next week though.


  3. I smiled when I saw your post. I always take pictures of those tethering (is that the word?) rings when I’m in Italy. I love the attention to detail – each really is a lovely work of art.
    have a brilliant weekend.


  4. Hi Girasoli, great collection of photos and a great choice for this week’s theme. I like the variety that you found.
    Sorry to hear about the financial mess and furloughs. And I totally agree with you. It’s a real shame when Education (our future) is not seen as a priority in the State’s budget. It should be!


  5. Thanks again everyone :)
    Jerry, I am not sure, but it sounds good! They really are amazing…each one so different.
    Kathy, it is a big mess and no one seemed to pay attention or care until after the schools closed. Hopefully something will be done so this won’t go on for two years.


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