mystery door

*Answer revealed at the end of this post…
No, this is not related to the Mystery Date game (for those old enough to remember).
I chose the title mystery door because I wanted to see if anyone can guess where this door in Florence is located. This is the same door (different shot) as the second photo in my last post – “tied”~ PhotoHunt.


I cropped the second photo from my last post so you can see the detail a little better.


And if anyone knows more about the history of this door, I am curious about the story of the one panel on the door that is carved like a flower. I tried googling this door but came up empty.





And we have a winner… Sandra guessed the mystery door location!! :)
This was going to be my next clue…
These flags fly over this door.


The mystery door is…
the *other door* of the Palazzo Vecchio.
Can you spot the door in this photo of the Palazzo Vecchio?


23 thoughts on “mystery door

  1. menehune, nope, not the Baptistry Door :)
    Annie, I loved that game. I always wanted to get the skier guy but usually ended up with the loser date… story of my life!
    sandra, nope, not the Bargello. Good guess though. The Bargello is my favorite museum in Florence. I go there every time I visit Florence.


  2. Annie, oh… that would be fun. Just think of the losers we could create!
    menehune, nope.
    I am going to add another photo – a hint when I get home tonight. Keep on guessing :)


  3. Okay, I’ll guess again!!! Palazzo Vecchio?
    I’m wildly guessing at that, because of the flowers strewn on the ground, perhaps after a wedding. And I think people get married there.
    Any more clues? This is fun!
    And I wish I had seen Mystery Date, it sounds like a hoot!


  4. Hmmm, I am also thinking a museum door, but I really have no clue at all. I am waiting for the hints.
    I had to look up the mystery date game, never heard of it before, it sounds really fun.
    Speaking of guess where in Italy, there is another blog from Italy that I follow that the author posts a photo from all over Italy as a “guess where” once a week. This week’s photo is spectacular shot of a really, stunning seaside Italian town. I am not really sure which one, but I am adding it to my list.
    I am sorry to hear about the vog, that is really bad. I always felt sick with the vog, but this time sounds really bad. Hope it lifts soon.


  5. Kathy, I would have never guessed it myself. I think you should return to Florence just so you can see this door in person :)
    sandrac, Woo Hoo!!! You are SMART!! Mystery Date was a board game. During the game, you open the door and your date is waiting for you behind the door. There was gorgeous guy (the guy in a white tux), skier guy, loser guy, and one more guy who obviously made no impact because I can’t even remember him. I guess Canada never caught on with this game.
    candi, I think you are too young. It was fun! Too bad you missed it. Thanks for the link to the Guess where in Italy blog. I couldn’t place that town either but I would guess it is on the Ligurian Coast. The vog is really bad this time. It is killing my eyes. The trade winds are supposedly returning tonight though – YAY! This time they are supposed to stick around for over a week. Hopefully this will mark the end of the hot muggy end of the summer season.


  6. The kid’s game was so straightforward….the modified version of the game would have to include the ones who look and act great but are true losers at heart (but you don’t find out for a while). :)


  7. Thanks, Girasoli, I never win anything so this is a great honour. Maybe we need a blog competition like this during the winter, to keep things lively.
    Maybe Mystery Blog?
    Mystery Date sounds a bit like — but better than — The Dating Game (which I never really got to watch because it wasn’t aired in Canada, but it seemed to hit the news once in a while.)


  8. Kathy, glad you like the star :) Took me a while to find it.
    Annie & menehune, maybe we should start a new group blog? We could all add blog posts on loser guys! I am sure others would want to chime in! :)
    sandra, that would be fun! Back when the Dating Game was on, I thought it was fun to watch (of course I was too young to date then) but now when I see clips, it is pretty funny. I can’t imagine going on that show.


  9. Darn, I got here late too! Not sure I would have guessed it, but it was sure looking familiar as I scrolled down. I have definitely seen it, walked by it many times during my solo visit to Florence last year :)
    Excellent idea for an entry, SO creative!! I must think what mystery I could blog about!


  10. LOL at all the comments. Loser dates struck a cord with many of us, I see.
    My all time worst was a blind date with a guy who had taken a vow of silence (or something like that). He did not say a word the entire time. I could have killed my friend who set me up on this (it was a double date with her and a guy she really liked, who was friends with the Silent Loser).


  11. Mar, thanks so much for stopping by. I have always admired your photos and appreciate your kind comment :)
    Anne, I was wondering if you would recognize it. Staying nearby helped me to appreciate some of the places/things I usually overlook with so many amazing things to see in Piazza della Signoria.
    María, :) I think the game ended up being even more interesting than the door!
    Annie, wow, that is pretty bad! At least it was a double date. Do you think she made it a double date just to watch you suffer? Hmmmm, I am going to have to think about the loser I would choose… there have been so many!


  12. No. I think her guy asked her to fix his weirdo friend up and she was so crazy about him that she would do anything he asked her. I was just the clueless guinea pig. :)


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