10 thoughts on “part 3 ~ Santa Caterina del Sasso

  1. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to see your photos and really take in the details of these frescoes. In your pictures the lighting is so much better than when I was there, and the closeups are fantastic. Such a special place… I can’t wait to return…


  2. Beautiful shots. I love the fact that so many chuches in Italy are unassuming on the outside but when you go inside – WOW. How many people just walk on by thinking that it is just a ‘blah’ building but miss out on the treasures within?


  3. Hi Girasoli, now I really have to go to Stressa! Your photos of the interior are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Again, your photos are really wonderful, Girasoli. You’ve captured some gorgeous images.
    It’s interesting how some of the frescos are in such great shape — I wonder if they’re new? Or perhaps just located in a better-protected part of the church?
    And do you think that’s the saint herself in the glass casket?


  5. Dana, thanks! There were a couple of workers with tools inside the church while I was there. I wonder if lights were turned on that are usually off? I really enjoyed my time inside the church.
    candi, thanks! It was really incredible. Everywhere you turned…. so much art.
    menehune, me too. I was kicking myself for not thinking of packing a lunch. When I inquired about the ticket and boat times, the guy at the window told me I would only need one hour.
    Jerry, me too! I am always so amazed at what I find in the churches that look so plain on the outside. I have learned to always take a peek inside.
    Kathy, thanks! You would really love this place.
    sandra, thanks! I wonder if perhaps some of them where restored? I did not see information on just who was inside the glass casket. I didn’t even think if it could have been Santa Caterina? Now I am curious.


  6. Oh my goodness, the interior is absolutely breathtaking!! I really want to visit this church sometime, it’s so incredible inside and out. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!


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