“music”~ PhotoHunt

Sigur Rós practicing for a concert in Ferrara, Italy on July 4, 2003, as part of the Ferrara Sotto le Stelle/Ferrara Under the Stars concert series.


Caffè Lavena band, Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy in June, 2006.


The view of Piazza San Marco from Caffè Lavena.


The marching band (I am guessing high school?) in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy participating in the “Processione sulla Banchina con i tradizionali “CRISTI” e la Confraternite, concluding the festival of Sant’ Erasmo in June, 2008.


16 thoughts on ““music”~ PhotoHunt

  1. LOL – I completely forgot about the Cafe Florian band from San Marco! Great selections for this week’s theme. There were lots of Italian selections from the slow travel gang.


  2. Thanks everyone :)
    I was very surprised by Sigur Rós. It was very cool to listen to this band and watch them play next to the castle in Ferrara.
    I will try to get to everyone soon. Having plumbing problems right now that need to be taken care of…


  3. Sigur Ros — have to look them up – like the bow yielding guitar player! Great take on the theme. Have a good one! PS: See where the Secretary of Ed voiced his dismay over Hawaii’s solution for their education crises — When Will They Learn???


  4. Hi from Scotland Girasoli, great collection of photos for this week’s theme! I enjoyed them all especially the ones in Venice!


  5. Thanks again everyone :)
    menehune, it is becoming even more complicated and such a mess. Very political. The blame will probably all be towards with the teachers soon with what is now happening. Very stressful and not good at all for the students.


  6. Love your photo selection for music. I have to one day travel to Italy in the summer to enjoy all the open-air concerts. This is one negative aspect of late fall travel.


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