visit to Isola San Giulio (2009 TRIP)

Part 2 of my daytrip to Orta ~ see yesterday’s post for Part 1.

Thursday, July 16th:
I was surprised at how short the boat ride was from Orta San Giulio to Isola San Giulio (about 7 minutes). It was not a very expensive fare roundtrip. I want to say four or five euros round trip but I really can’t remember now. I found my boat ticket (motoscafi) but there is no price on the ticket.

Photos of Isola San Giulio from the boat:





The boat drops you off right in front of the Basilica di San Giulio.


This is the boat I took over to the island:


I took these photos right outside the church. No photos allowed inside the church, but it was well worth a visit.



I really had no idea just how small this island was until I took a walk around the island along Via del Silenzio, the only street on this island (except for a few narrow passageways down to the lake).


I found this cute guy along the way, not far from the church.


I was very surprised when after 5 minutes I was right back in front of the church! I figured I must have missed something, so I walked the loop a second time. Nope, no hidden streets. That was it!

Next up – Thursday ~ more of Orta San Giulio

7 thoughts on “visit to Isola San Giulio (2009 TRIP)

  1. Hi Girasoli, wow these are beautiful photos! I need to catch up on your posts when I get home from work today. I want to visit this part of Italy soon and would love to get some ideas from your posts. Thanks so much for posting and sharing your photos.
    I hope that you are enjoying your Holidays so far! Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!


  2. Wow — that does look like a pretty small island! But so beautiful — I love your photos as you approach the island with the buildings all snug right up to the water line.
    The frescos look beautiful, as well. This must have been a lovely day.


  3. Kathy, thanks! I am glad I am helping you with ideas for your next trip. Wishing you a Happy & Safe New Year also!
    sandra, I was really stunned with how small it was. I definitely would not go to Orta just to visit the island but if in Orta, it is a nice trip. Very peaceful and a beautiful church. Really not much else to do though. I guess you could do laps for exercise :)
    Marta, there are a few amazing gardens in this area of Italy. I thought of you many times during my stay in Stresa. G would love them.


  4. Dear Girasoli,
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    Maybe i’ll do it again in the future with other articles. I think our customers will enjoy your articles.
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