getting psyched for baseball

Yes, I know, you have all been waiting for me to post this most important information, the type of information you have probably been losing sleep over.

Well, here it is…

Truck Day is February 12th! 35 days, 4 hours, 57 minutes and 32 seconds.

And if you did not pay close attention to the post I did last year on Truck Day, or perhaps you may have just forgot the information, or could it be that you just don’t give a crap about baseball (but then why are you reading this post?), here is a quick recap about Truck Day: Truck Day is a very important day for the Red Sox. This is the day when the Red Sox moving van loads up all of the equipment at Fenway Park and then takes the 1,467-mile trek to the team’s spring training complex in Fort Myers, Florida. Truck Day means baseball season is almost here!!!!

Baseball’s offseason is always full of rumors, free agent signings, and trades. It keep all of us obsessed baseball fans busy until the new season begins. Although I am always a little bummed out when I learn that one of my favorite players has been traded or signs with another team, I am also full of excitement when I read about some of the new players joining our team. One never knows until the season gets underway what exactly will happen but I think we may have ourselves a very good baseball team this year. I really like the way the Red Sox have upgraded their defense.

After watching a video that has been making the rounds on Red Sox blogs the past couple of days, I am especially psyched about our new 3rd baseman, Adrian Beltre! Even if you are not a huge baseball fan, you have to admit this guy makes some incredible plays.

Amazing, spectacular, incredible plays made by Adrian Beltre at 3rd base:
**Sorry ~ the video is no longer available

It is going to be fun watching the Sox play this year.

GO SOX!!!!

6 thoughts on “getting psyched for baseball

  1. Amen, sista! It’s wonderful to be a Boston fan. This weekend Patriot’s play first round of the playoffs – a very, very, cold weekend in Boston. BC skates (yup, you heard me right) at Fenway Park tonight! Have a super weekend sipping coffee….menehune


  2. Hi Girasoli, yay for Truck day. Time really flew by didn’t it. I remember your post from last year and how this is an exciting time for all Red Sox fans. I’m happy for you…
    Whoo Hoo Go Red Sox!


  3. Already? How time flies. It’s still basketball season for Tar Heel fans. Our team is fun but young (they won’t win another championship this year but hey, that’s okay!).
    Have a good weekend.


  4. menehune, brrr!! Did you go see BC play at Fenway? Just hope all this hockey is not ruining the field! Stay warm!
    Kathy, great memory! Yes, this past year is starting to seem like a blur.
    Candi :)
    Annie, yep! It won’t be long now. Glad you are enjoying your Tar Heels.


  5. Hi G: Saw the BC game – was a disaster – just as the Patriots seem to be in the second half of the football game against Baltimore. Let’s hope the Sox will fare better this year….m


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