“bulky”~ PhotoHunt

This was a tough theme for me. I almost gave up until I found this photo I took in 2006 in Saluzzo, Italy. I’m not sure who he is, but he appears to be wearing a bulky jacket, mittens, pants, and boots. I am guessing his bag is probably also a bit bulky.


14 thoughts on ““bulky”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Nice shot for the theme.
    It is been really cold here in Jacksonville, record cold that is. I hope you are not experiencing the low temps. in Hawaii.


  2. Just thought I’d let you know, for some reason, the comment thingy on your last post about your bus ride and last day is not showing, I don’t know if it is my computer or something with your blog, but I can see other comments links, just not that last one.
    I loved that story by the way:) Sorry about the wild bus ride.


  3. Thanks everyone (very late in replying this week).
    Candi, it has been voggy last week and now finally cold this week (high of 76 with cold north winds and very chilly at night) – beautiful skies at sunrise and sunset though :)
    Thanks for alerting me about the comments thingy not being there on my wild bus ride/Stresa post. Strange! Not sure what happened there and if I did the correct thing to fix it but it is showing up now.
    jams, I am not really sure but think you are probably correct. I usually take a separate photo of the info about the statue but I don’t think there was any for this one.


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