it’s Groundhog Day!!!

Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow once again this morning. That makes 98 times! Although it seems like every year he sees his shadow, there have been 15 times when he has not. There have also been nine unaccounted years with no report. Not sure what happened to him during those years. I do seem to remember at least one time when I was growing up when he did not see his shadow. There is always hope for next year.

*video I had posted here is no longer available :(

Happy Tuesday!! Happy Groundhog Day!!

6 thoughts on “it’s Groundhog Day!!!

  1. Jill, I only remember because of the movie. It used to be a big thing when I lived on the mainland in the schools but here in Hawaii, it is mentioned and kids usually react with “HUH?”
    Candi, me too! I wonder what happened to Phil during those years? Maybe he just slept in??
    Palma, I’m sure you are! :)


  2. Boo to those critters seeing their shadow!! Our Shubenacadie Sam saw his too. I am starting to get quite tired of winter, have to say. Have been dreaming of a holiday in the sun (alas, twill not make it past the dream stage this year, but perhaps next year!)


  3. I say BOO also to all the groundhogs and other critters predicting a long winter. We have had a very mild winter here though – hardly any rain and only a couple of cold nights. I read Jerry commenting that you have not had much snow in Canada either this winter (or at least there has not been much where he lives) although it is still cold up north. I know what you mean about dreaming about a trip. I am in the same boat this summer – dreaming instead of going.


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