16 thoughts on ““daily”~ PhotoHunt

  1. These are some seriously gorgeous views. Lucky you to get to see them on a daily basis.
    Just saw a news report about a potential tsunami heading twds. Hawaii. Thinking of you and hope you’ll let us know that you’re okay.


  2. menehune, thanks! With the tsunami, it will be an interesting weekend. Hopefully a safe one for all!
    Annie, thanks! I wish I got to see them daily but I sure do enjoy everyone I do see. Thanks for your concern. I did a post after reading your comment. I am not going anywhere and live in a safe area.
    sandi, thanks! I was so lucky to catch this sunset. It was amazing!


  3. Thanks again everyone. I tell myself every day how lucky I am to live in Hawaii. Of course I don’t see these beautiful sunsets every day but do often catch gorgeous colored skies at the end of the day if I happen to be driving home at the right time.


  4. Hi Girasoli, these are beautiful. The colors are amazing and they are perfect for the theme. Great choices.
    Have a wonderful week!


  5. leslie, glad to hear that!
    Palma, I agree! I have rarely photographed an Italian sunset because I always seem to be eating dinner when the sun sets.
    Thanks Kathy & Dana :)


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