tsunami warning in Hawaii

Update on the tsunami warning: Sirens rang at 6 am this morning to alert everyone about the tsunami warning after the 8.8 earthquake happened in Chile yesterday.

Coastal evacuations are happening for all tsunami zone areas of Hawaii. I live not too far from the beach, but fortunately far enough that I do not live in a tsunami evacuation zone.

I am safe but do worry for all those living in tsunami evacuation zones. I hope everyone who does live in a tsunami evacuation zone will take this seriously and evacuate. My thoughts are also with everyone in Chile right now.

Sirens are blaring again. I guess they will be going off every hour. There are many closures on all islands. Tsunami waves are predicted to hit all coastal areas of Hawaii. Arrival time of the first waves is at 11:19 am. I am not sure if they are predicted to hit Hilo Bay first or all islands at the same time. I will update this post later on today with more news…

*More specific info on times: 11:05 a.m. Hilo, 11:20 a.m. Maui, 11:35 a.m. Oahu, 11:50 a.m. Kauai, 9-12 ft. surge estimates.

*Good link to follow tsunami info in Hawaii.

*Sirens just went off again (10:30 am). Very loud this time. They have been going off every hour. I guess now they will be going off every 30 minutes. We have been told not to flush. They are shutting down the waste water treatment sites. The fear if too many people flush, the waste will go onto the streets. Ewww!

*11:40 am. Nothing yet. They say they could be off by an hour with the predicted time waves could hit.

*12 noon – Definite receding of water in Hilo. Looked like a rushing river for a few minutes. Now waiting to see how big the surge will be. The second link above is showing the water in Hilo.

*1:45 pm. The tsunami warning in Hawaii has officially been canceled. We have fortunately been spared any damage. Hope the same goes for all other places with warnings waiting for waves to hit.

Thanks everyone for your concern. I am going to move my PhotoHunt post up above this post now that the warning has been canceled. Have a great Saturday!

16 thoughts on “tsunami warning in Hawaii

  1. Hi G: Glad I came to check on you here – I was wondering how you were faring. Ty heard from his sister early this morning ( 5am PST), who is on the windward side of Oahu, and she was evacuating to higher ground. Neither she nor Ty seems extremely worried – guess they may be used to this — not me!
    If you can, please keep me posted and Stay Safe! m


  2. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for the update and letting us know that you are on higher ground and safe. I spoke with my sis this morning. They are on higher ground and she assured me they are safe too. Still, she has to drive to work :(
    Thanks so much for writing this post and updating us on the current status. To all of you in Hawaii, be safe and take care.


  3. menehune, thanks for your concern. I am safe. I am just worried for all those in tsunami evacuation zones.
    Kathy, I learned that I was in a safe area during the last tsunami warning years ago. That one fizzled. Just hope people take this one seriously! Glad your sister is ok. Hope she does not get stuck in major traffic.


  4. Glad to know you’re not in the evacuation zone! Thanks for posting this. I can’t imagine living in the shadow of tsunami warnings, scary stuff. My prayers to all affected by this, and by the earthquake in Chile.


  5. Thanks Anne! We are lucky to have a very early warning this time. I think the scariest ones would be those with no or little warning. It is so easy to forget the warning signs if at the beach when a tsunami suddently hits. The tsunami in Thailand taught us all a lot.


  6. Take care. Even if you are outside the zone, it will be disruptive for a while. Hopefully the waves will not be high and no damage in any of the islands. Thanks for keeping us posted.


  7. I just sent you a PM on ST before I saw this, I am so glad you posted this. I was thinking about you and glad to know you don’t have to evacuate. My thoughts go out to people in Haiti and those under the tsunami warning. I contacted our friends on Maui and they all seem to be in your boat, no evacuations, but glued to the news.
    Stay safe!


  8. Thanks for these updates, I’ve been thinking about you today, wondering if you would be affected by the tsunami warnings. I’m very glad to hear that you’re okay.
    I should have thought to check your blog earlier!


  9. I’ve been thinking about you all day yesterday and today. I was unable to go online until today and read this morning your post on the Group Blog. I’m glad to hear you are ok.
    Yesterday I had lunch with a group of women from Latin America and there were two Chileans. They were extremely worried since they had yet to receive news of their relatives back home. They finally heard from their family in the evening through Facebook and Skype. Everyone’s relatively fine but without electricity, water or gas but very grateful to be alive.
    Take care.


  10. I am truly touched by your concern. Hawaii was very lucky to escape without any damage. I saw the coverage of the tsunami that hit Chile right after the quake. It could have been devastating here. I was never in danger myself since I do not live at a beach and was at home but there would have been a lot of destruction if it did hit us.
    Maria, I am glad to hear that the two Chileans you had lunch with heard from their family and that their family escaped harm. I watched the news today. It looks like a very bad situation in Chile right now with so many without food and water. I noticed they were wearing jackets so it must be cold there also to be without electricity and/or gas. I hope help will arrive quickly so the country can get the basic services up and running for everyone. Thankfully the buildings were build to code. Just imagine if the buildings were built like those in Haiti with an 8.8 earthquake.


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