butch, sundance, & scarface

I was very surprised to come across this video storefront window featuring one of my of favorite movies, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, while exploring Pisa for the day last summer.


A couple of days later, I noticed another storefront window featuring the same movie, this time in Lucca. Surprising to see this movie featured in two towns in Italy. Would love to have this poster hanging in my house!


A week later, I noticed this picture of Al Pacino in Scarface as I peeked inside the doorway of a bar in Bologna . I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo.


American movies about bad guys (although I still have a difficult time thinking of Robert Redford and Paul Newman as bad guys) seem to be very popular in Italy.

5 thoughts on “butch, sundance, & scarface

  1. Very cool. What’s up with the money taped to the bottom of the second one? I love that movie too – used to own the soundtrack (on vinyl!).


  2. Candi, I can watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid over and over again. Not so with Scarface though. Good movie, but once was enough.
    sandra, it is pretty tough to miss a photo of Paul Newman and Robert Redford :)
    Annie, I wondered the same thing about the money. Strange! Cool that you had the soundtrack on vinyl. I have the DVD and would love to get the soundtrack.
    Anne :)


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