where oh where is my car?

It is a good thing I took this blurry photo when I parked my car at the airport last Thursday:

If not, I may still be at the airport right now looking for my car. Even with the photo on my camera, it took me 20 minutes to find my car!

I am back home again as you can probably guess. It was a long flight home with a delay due to someone getting off of the plane before the plane departed in San Diego (not sure why) and then another long delay waiting for my bags. Just finished a load of laundry. My long underwear (which got plenty of action) is going back up in my winter bag in my closet. I am happily back in shorts, nice and warm again.

Even though it was very cold, I had a fantastic time meeting and spending time with so many Slow Travelers at the GTG. I will write more about my stay in San Diego soon…

Here’s the view from my parking space at the Honolulu Airport:

IMG_9548 copy.jpg

10 thoughts on “where oh where is my car?

  1. Glad you took a pic of the parking space. I am constantly having a problem finding my car in simple places. Guess I’ll have to bring my camera with me when I run my errands. Welcome home. It was just wonderful to spend time with you my friend.


  2. I’m so glad to hear you had a great time — but a shame that it was so cold, yikes! If you have time to post any details, I’d love to hear more!
    What a great idea, taking a photo to remind you of your parking spot!


  3. Candi & Deborah, it is good to be home. I did have a great time though, just wish it was a little warmer. Of course it was in the 70’s the day I left!
    Barb, it was a very good last minute decision. When I don’t have a camera, I use the alarm on my key fob thingy to help me find my car. It was wonderful meeting both you and Mike. I am so glad I ran into you Saturday afternoon to have some extra time to chat.
    sandra, I am sure it would not have been cold for you, although Sheri was cold one night and she is from Pennsylvania. I will try to write more about my time in San Diego soon. I did not take enough people photos but many people were taking photos so there should be plenty out there on Slow Travel as well as some of the blogs. The photos was a very smart last minute decision. I usually don’t take photos of my parking spot or area.


  4. Glad that you made it home safely and found your car. It was so great to finally meet in person and spend some time together. I hope that you will fly through Philly one of these days! Glad that you saved/had your long underwear. It was chilly!


  5. Good idea about the photo. I always write down the number of the parking spot and the floor. I always have a hard time remembering where my car is parked in big parking lots, like the mall.


  6. Annie, it works great if you happen to have a camera with you (or cell phone that has a camera)
    sheri, it was so nice meeting and spending time with you also. I would love to see Philly someday. Thanks again for the offer. I may need to plan an East Coast trip instead of Italy one summer.
    Maria, I am hopeless at malls! I even lost my car last week when I parked it right outside the door of Longs!


  7. I’m glad you got home safely and smart move on the photo of the parking area. I was great seeing you again in San Diego and spending some time exploring. I wish I had known ahead that the Niki sculpture garden was as wonderful as it was and I would have suggested that you come along.


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