8 thoughts on “beautiful day

  1. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you too.
    BTW, I just learned today that Hawaii is not giving people their refunds until what January or something like that? I was a little surprised to hear that, I didn’t even realize that it was legal. I guess it was the governor’s decision and I understand why, but my thinking is that if the state is in financial trouble, don’t they think people are too and waiting for their money? I wonder if other states are doing that too. Personally our refund from Hawaii won’t even buy me a coffee table, (LOL), so I am really not concerned for myself here, but I imagine if I was a full time Hawaii resident and had plans for my tax money and didn’t get it, I won’t be happy. Since when are citizens rich enough to loan their government money? Geez, should I expect to receive interest on our money? grin:How are people around you reacting to this? Or maybe it is old news by now.


  2. Candi, don’t even get me started on our governor (will not even capitalize it for her). She came out telling us about her wonderful plan to delay our taxes a couple of months ago. I didn’t even think about the fact that this would affect you. The news tonight just said that indefinitely we will be getting out tax returns back late! It is supposedly supposed to be sometime July when we will get our tax refund but we will see. Of course if you owe money, there is no extension. She also just announced tonight that State Workers will have a cut in pay for 2 more years after our 2 furlough years and she is cutting even more resources, medical assistance, etc for those in need! As long as the rich stay rich she thinks her plan is good. Can’t wait til she is gone at the end of the year! Oh, and we (State Workers) have already been loaning our state our pay for 5 extra days each pay period for years now – this started with our last horrible governor.


  3. girasoli, I am so sorry to hear all that. I didn’t realize you’ve been loaning the state for that long, that is just horrible. I hope you all vote for a better governor next year.


  4. Thanks Candi. At this point, I try not to think about the ongoing loan! I am more upset at what our current governor is doing. The State better vote wisely this fall.


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