inside the church ~ Mission San Diego de Alcala

I wrote a little about my visit to the Mission San Diego de Alcala here (scroll about 1/2 way down after clicking on the link).

For today’s post, I thought I would share a little more about the church.


The current Mass schedule:


Two photos taken inside the church:


A short video taken as the choir began to sing:

8 thoughts on “inside the church ~ Mission San Diego de Alcala

  1. What a lovely place, so open and full of light. And great video. I’ve never heard of vimeo…oh the things I”m learning today, also just found out about smilebox on Palma’s blog. :)


  2. Pam, thanks for stopping by :) I was very surprised at how beautiful the mission was.
    Annie, I thought circus right away also!
    sandra, I think you would have loved visiting this mission. The flowers were wonderful! Hopefully there will be flowers blooming where you live soon.
    Anne, thanks! Vimeo is pretty easy to use and I found out that work does not block it (yet). Smilebox is fun also. I have not tried it on my blog yet but have sent Christmas cards using Smilebox.
    Candi, I agree. It was so simple but yet also very beautiful.
    Maria, as you will see in my PhotoHunt post this week, they seem very serious about maintaining this mission. Glad to know what the circus thing is called.


  3. Hi Girasoli, I really enjoyed that little video clip. I had not heard of vimeo before. I always use Youtube and I agree with you that it can take a long time. I did a couple of earlier videos using Google which was okay. I’ll have to check out Vimeo. I love the acoustics.
    Thanks so much for posting the video.


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