surprise (take 2)

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post called surprise. I don’t think many people got my surprise. I posted a bunch of beautiful hydrangeas (photos I took while in Stresa last summer). The final photo had an added surprise.

I am going to repost that photo here… Can you find the surprise?


While visiting the Mission San Diego de Alcala, I came upon another surprise. This time the little critter was hanging out on one of the statues in the courtyard of the mission.


7 thoughts on “surprise (take 2)

  1. sandra, isn’t he cool?
    Maria, he looks like he could hang out there for hours :)
    expatraveler, he does look like he is ready to cause some sort of mischief.
    Candi, I almost missed him at first also when taking the photo. He startled me when I finally focused on him.
    menehune, I like lizards but can do without the geckos (although I do have to keep reminding my self that they eat bugs and I dislike bugs much more).
    angie, no lizards in Paris? My kids at school spot one or two a week hanging out in the plants outside our classroom. Glad I can comment on your new blog now :)


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