the museum ~ Mission San Diego de Alcala

The Mission of San Diego de Alcala also houses an interesting museum.


Photos taken right outside the museum:

Photos taken inside the museum:


I wish I had taken more photos inside the museum.

I really enjoyed this mission. I hope you have enjoyed my blog posts about the Mission San Diego de Alcala. If you ever are in the San Diego area, I would definitely recommend a visit. I am trying to remember now the cost of admission to this mission. I think it was a $3.00 donation fee and perhaps $2.00 for seniors (and I think a senior was defined as someone age 55 or older). I am not positive though. There were two ladies selling the tickets. One seemed to prefer trying to get two people to pay the donation fee at the same time, I guess to save on receipt paper. The second lady insisted on providing a detailed description of the mission, even if the person was not interested in the detailed description. I found it interesting watching the two ladies at work as our group waited in line to pay the donation fee. I started off in the lady with the detailed description line but then switched on over to the lady combining fees to move it along so our group could begin touring the mission.

4 thoughts on “the museum ~ Mission San Diego de Alcala

  1. The whiteness is inspiring me to clean the house. It is amazing how different the colors are to Paris. Beautiful sunlight I changed the commentthing on my blog


  2. angie, I kept thinking of Greece with the white building and deep blue sky. The colors are very different than in Hawaii also (except for the flowers). Glad I can comment now :) Thanks!


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