“fresh”~ PhotoHunt

My PhotoHunt post this week is also related to my visit to the Mission of San Diego de Alcala.

During our visit, it was hard not to notice the two guys hard at work applying some sort of fresh thick white plaster onto the wooden beams.


13 thoughts on ““fresh”~ PhotoHunt

  1. that’s kind of unique for a take. i think there is no need for apologies. we all experience days we really cant do anything but go with the flow. all the best for your missions.


  2. Like your idea for this post – and I’ve enjoyed every one of your mission posts. Mahalo from someone not present at this seemingly fantastic event. The photos and blogs helped me be part of the fun from a distance. m


  3. Great shots for the theme. What a beautiful and interesting Mission. I looked back on your earlier posts about it and you took some great photographs.


  4. I am enjoying your posts about the San Diego Mission. I love visiting California Missions, so I was so sorry to have missed the visit you all went on.


  5. Excellent take on this week’s theme. I have really been enjoying your photos of the mission. You have an great eye for composing. I really liked the ones of the courtyard and museum.


  6. SandraK, thanks!
    sandrac, I wonder also. It really was as white as in the photos.
    bing, thanks :)
    menehune, too bad you were not able to attend. There is talk of maybe one in Boston in the future.
    Carver, thanks! Glad you enjoyed my photos. I think you would have loved seeing the flowers and plants.
    Eden, have you visited many? Too bad you didn’t join us.
    jams, thanks :) I tried to think outside the box on this one.
    Marta, I really appreciate your feedback. Glad you liked my photos :)


  7. Hi Girasoli, great take on this week’s theme. I have really enjoyed looking at your beautiful mission photos from your time attending the SD GTG (especially since I sadly had to miss it). I also wonder how often they have to freshen it up.
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos and posting about the GTG. I really enjoyed reading about how much fun it was. Have a great day.


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