long lost twin?

This is Kevin Youkilis, also known as “Youk” or “YOOOOOUUUUUKKKKKK”.
He is the first baseman for the Boston Red Sox.


Below are two more photos. One is a photo of Kevin Youkilis and the other is a photo of Cindy Ruth’s husband, Scott. When I first met Scott, I kept staring at him trying to figure out who he reminded me of. It finally came to me. Can you see the resemblance?

I am borrowing the photo of Scott from the 2010 2nd Great Slow Travel Gathering Slow Travel In N Out Wine Tasting album (photo taken by WendyandRob).

10 thoughts on “long lost twin?

  1. Eden, not sure. Both Scott & Cindy Ruth don’t know who Kevin Youkilis is (or at least until this blog post).

    Scott, ha ha!! I bet if that wine bottle wasn’t there you just might have thought that was you pulling the luggage! So have you ever played baseball? You never know, he may go into a profession after baseball where you could be his double!

    sandra, yes indeed! Definitely a long lost twin!

    angie, I was stunned at how similar both beards are! Kevin Youkilis’ beard is pretty famous. Right now there is a big vote going on as to if he should shave it and how to raise money for kids (his charitable organization). He has also done this in the past to raise money for kids.


  2. Never played baseball, but if Youkilis is willing to split his games with me then I’m willing to split his salary.
    I’ve been told I’m related to Babe Ruth, but I’ve never followed up on that. So not knowing that I’m not, I’ll say that I am :)


  3. Scott :) Wow, Babe Ruth huh? Very cool! Seems that baseball is in your blood! If I read that Youkilis is looking for someone to double for him, I will surely let you know!


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