“addiction”~ PhotoHunt

Some people have an addiction to surfing. The warning signs below that say no swimming & strong current do not seem to matter to these surfers.
addiction surf1.JPG

Because the people look like little dots in the above photo, here are two more photos of the surfers taken on the same winter day at the same beach up on the North Shore of Oahu.
addiction surf3.JPG
addiction surf2.JPG

As for my addictions: coffee, photography, my computer, the internet, the Red Sox, a few TV shows, anything Italy, climbing towers, and warm weather. I think that just about covers it :)

7 thoughts on ““addiction”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Cool thought. Yeah, they must be addicted to surfing or the adrenalin rush to go out in that surf. Hmm… I didn’t think about climbing towers. We might be addicted to that also.


  2. Hi Girasoli, great photos and cool take on this week’s theme. Nice waves for those who are addicted to surfing. Your list of addictions are cool. I see some addictions that I have in common with you. :)
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


  3. Thanks everyone!!
    menehune, Sandy Beach has some mean rip tides.
    Marta, I really do think it is an adrenaline rush. I can understand surfers surfing in these waves, but when they are huge? I think there has to be some fearlessness to surf on those waves.
    Barb, didn’t know you have surfer addicts in your family :)
    Kathy, I bet I can guess a few of our similar addictions :)


  4. My youngest son is a surfing addict too. He is moving to Honolulu (work transfer) next month or early June. I am sure the surfing will become a daily practice then as opposed to twice or three times a week here now.
    Your addictions sound all good. :)


  5. Every time there’s a hurricane off the NC coast, the news shows the crazy surfers out there surfing while all the same people are fleeing the coast! You are right, they are addicted. :) Great photos!


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