“mother”~ PhotoHunt

I took this photo of an old photo a couple of years ago of my mom when she was a little girl. I am guessing she was about 5 years old in this photo.

mom photohunt.jpg

Two years ago, I posted some photos of my mom when she was young here. Last year I posted on of my favorite photos of my mom here.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

♥ We all miss you very much ♥


5 thoughts on ““mother”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, that’s a cool photo of your mom when she was a child. I really enjoyed seeing your previous post with more of her photos too. It’s great and also comforting to have these wonderful photos and beautiful memories of the people we love. Lovely post G.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Have a great week.


  2. A belated thank you everyone. I know how hard this day was for all of you also. Wasn’t going to post anything at first, but then remembered this photo.


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