boat ride into Portofino

Happy June everyone!! School is out and I am back :)

Two summers ago, I took some video while on a boat going into beautiful Portofino. The video was all taken while hand holding a camera and I panned a bit too fast so it is not the most professional video. Nether the less, I hope it gives you an idea of the beauty of Portofino.

6 thoughts on “boat ride into Portofino

  1. Hi Girasoli, I’m glad to see you back. I’ve missed reading your blogs. That is a really cool video and the music goes so well with it. The town looks like someplace I would love to visit. I really like little towns near water. It is now very high on my back to Italy list of places to visit.
    Thanks so much for sharing it and have fun relaxing after all the end of the school year work.


  2. Kathy, glad you enjoyed the video and music :) Portofino is a a fun place to visit – expensive though so it is always just a daytrip for me. I think you would enjoy it.
    menehune, thanks! I don’t own much green but will definitely be rooting for the Celtics :)
    sandra, Portofino is a beautiful little town. Have a great time in Italy!! By the way, your comment was number 4900! (Of course some of the comments have been my replies, so I am not sure just how many comments have been from readers of my blog, still 4900 is a lot of comments).


  3. Welcome back and I bet you are so glad it’s summer break! Time sure is flying, isn’t it? I loved getting all your comments this morning – thanks! I agree, 4900 is a lot of comments – I’m not sure how many I’ve gotten, will have to check.
    Portofino is so beautiful!


  4. You did a great job with the video. I didn’t think the panning was too fast, it was fine.
    We visited Portofino several years ago while on a Med cruise. Yes, it WAS expensive but very beautiful. We walked up the hill behind the harbor and saw a very tiny church there. I did a blog post about it last year.


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