photos from Laniakea Beach

Monday afternoon, I drove up to the North Shore to take some photos with my new camera, my 60mm lens and my brand new 10-22mm lens. I stopped at four beaches and took tons of photos.

Here are a few photos that I took at my first stop, Laniakea Beach, otherwise known as turtle beach.

(click on any photo to start a slideshow)

8 thoughts on “photos from Laniakea Beach

  1. Hi Girasoli, great job. These are all really beautiful photos. I love the big turtle…
    Hope to see more.
    Have a great weekend! Ps. congrats on your Celtic’s win last night. :)


  2. Do you have ESP? I was just researching cameras and wondered how you were liking your new one? Care to share any comments? I may need to replace my personal laptop (ugh) – an expense I really don’t want nor need at the moment – Florence in September – but dream about stepping up my camera. …
    Great photos. I am going to start a list of beaches to visit when I’m back there prompted by your entries. I just got 1970 photos (Waimea Bay) digitalized. Ty remarked at how ‘unpopulated’ both Waimea and Hanauma Bay looked back in the late 70’s! Hope to see more beaches and your photographic prowess! and GO Sox and CELTS! ;-)


  3. Wonderful shots and wow, that is such a big turtle! I’ve been fretting about the turtles and birds being killed by the oil – it’s nice to see a healthy happy turtle.


  4. Kathy, thanks! You are sooo kind :)
    menehune, I LOVE my camera! I really have not found any negatives (except of course it is a lot bigger than a point and shoot – but I knew that going into this). You could just get the kit lens to start with if you just want to get started. Because the camera has so many megapixels, you can get away with cropping if you don’t have a zoom lens. Would be happy to answer any specific questions you have (if I can). And YES!! GO SOX & GO Celtics! My green shirt is in the dryer right now for Sunday’s game!
    Annie, I know! The day I came home from the beach after having a great time watching the turtles all so happy eating seaweed and swimming around in nice clean water, I saw a photo of one of the turtles on the web all covered in oil. It was heartbreaking.


  5. hello, those are beautiful beach photos, esp. the clouds, they seem to be moving fast in your shots. and i have yet to see a real live big turtle somewhere on a beach instead of a zoo.
    happy weekend! :)


  6. carey, thanks! The 10-22 mm lens takes some fun photos! The turtles are really big. I was surprised the first time I saw one. Thanks for stopping by :)


  7. Fantastic detail, I’m so glad to hear that you’re loving your new camera!
    The turtles look amazing — really beautiful! (And I’ll bet they don’t hear that very often.)


  8. Thanks sandra! I think these turtles probably know :) They always have a pretty big fan club visiting them.
    I am very happy with my camera. It has been an interesting adventure. I have been making many major mistakes so far BUT with each mistake, I have learned quite a bit. I just need to keep telling myself that it is going to take time before it gets easy AND I get everything right.


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