12 thoughts on ““bubbles”~ PhotoHunt

  1. as usual, very nice shots… we’re planning to have a beach vacation soon and your photos just make me all the more exciteeeedddd…. :)


  2. Hi Girasoli, Congrats on your 100th PH post. Very cool photos and a great take on the theme. They are all wonderful shots, especially the sunset one and the one where you can see the reef under the water.
    Have a great Sunday.


  3. Love the two photos of bubbles on the water edge. You are really taking great photos. I am thinking maybe it is time for me to get a new camera… wonder if that will help my skills… (doubt it)…


  4. Lovely! I’ve been enjoying the bubbles in acqua frizzante, it always seems so much more festive than plain water!!!


  5. Thanks everyone :) I took all of these photos last Monday with my new camera.
    menehune, nope, not Maui. The mountains are part of the Waianae Mountain range on Oahu – looking towards Mokule’ia and Kaena Point.


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