the beautiful Waimea Bay

The second of the four beaches I visited last Monday is one of the most famous beaches up on the North Shore on Oahu, Waimea Bay. I don’t go to this beach too often because the beach only has a tiny parking lot and no matter what time of day I get there and try to find a parking space, it always seems to be full. Last Monday, luck was on my side. I was there at the perfect time, just as someone was about to leave.

Here are some photos I took last week of the beautiful Waimea Bay.

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9 thoughts on “the beautiful Waimea Bay

  1. Fantastic! Now, if I could keep my personal computer on long enough (problems), I would post a shot I took of the divers off the rocks from the late 70’s…..Hawaii’s beaches are breathtaking – no ka oi:-)


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are beautiful. The clouds looks almost 3D. Very cool. Are you using any filters or anything to have that effect? The guy in the paddle board is a cool shot.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you enjoy Game 6 . :)


  3. menehune, sorry to read about your computer problems.
    Kathy, the wild cloud shots were taken with my new 10-22 mm lens. It is a fun lens! I have not bought any filters yet. Still trying to figure out just what I need to try to save costs. Hope you enjoy the game also :)


  4. Excellent shots. Ohhh.. I like the lens. And thank you so much for posting pictures of what the bay looks like in summer – so calm compared to December! And I’m glad you got a picture of the rocks. I think that is where we were sitting. :)


  5. Thank everyone :) It really is a beautiful beach.
    Marta, It really is a fun lens. Still trying to learn how to take photos with it since they look so different once I get home and download them on the computer. The North Shore definitely is like night and day between the summer and winter months. I can’t believe you were sitting on those rocks!


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