“purple”~ PhotoHunt

The purple crown flower (known as pua kalaunu in Hawaiian) is a popular flower used for making leis.

I took these photos yesterday afternoon using my 60mm macro lens. One of the skills I really need to work on when shooting close up is focusing. I have found focusing to be much more challenging when shooting with a DSLR, or maybe it is more of a challenge because I am shooting manual. The three photos I posted turned out to be the best out of the bunch. I ended up doing a bit of cropping on all three due to focusing issues, but in the end, I like how they came out.

14 thoughts on ““purple”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Thanks everyone. I am still sort of “meh” about these photos. Wish I could do a “do over”. I appreciate all of your comments and will try to get to your purple photohunt posts soon!


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are really cool close up shots. Great choice for this week’s theme. You’re getting really good girl!
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be following your photography posts so I can learn. I’ve been kind of slacking big time on my photography practice.


  3. Thanks Kathy! I still am not thrilled with these photos but thanks so much for your kind words. There is just something about them that doesn’t sit right. Can’t put my finger on it.
    I think the best thing, at least from what I have found about improving is to just get out there and practice. I have spent so much time reading but have learned more by taking lots of photos and making mistakes. Fortunately it is not as costly as when you made mistakes with film!


  4. Great job on the macros. Macros can be really tough. Wind is a big issue for me and focusing. There always seems to be a little bit of a wind. I had problems focusing (auto) on items that are certain solid colors. Solid yellow, white and black are really tough. I usually have to find some line or item to focus on. I also usually use a larger depth of field than you would with a normal lens. I have a 100 so I still get good bokeh because of the longer lens. I’ve started shooting more at 8 and 9 instead of 5.6. The other challenge is the actual construction of the flower such as long pistil on hibiscus. Keep practicing and you’ll get better.


  5. Marta, thanks so much for your comment and all of your tips! It was a little windy that day although the crown flowers are heavier flowers so I don’t think they were blowing around that much. I did a lot of cropping with these photos so I was not as close up. I took about 10 or 15 photos – half with my kit lens and then half with my 60mm macro. My macro lens photos came out so much better. I think I am starting to get the hang of the focusing a little bit. Practicing really has helped a lot. I have gone to the Foster Botanical Garden a few times now and am starting to figure out how the different apertures affect at least some of my photos. I think the 100mm macro would have been a nicer lens for the bokeh BUT I am happy with my 60mm for the weight/size and for a learning lens.


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