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My photography class started last week. This class is more of a creative class rather than a class on settings and how to shoot manual.

For our first class, we talked about some of the elements that make a good composition. We need to choose a genre for our photos and once we choose our genre, we cannot change it. Even though I have had months to think about which genre to choose (we were told this during the last day of the previous class I took), I still could not decide. I took a ton of photos the past few days while still thinking about a few genre possibilities (beach, flowers, plants, lines, architecture).

For our first assignment, we need to turn in just one photograph. I was up until 1 am Monday morning trying to finally make a decision on my genre and then trying to decide on which photo out of the hundreds I took to turn. On Wednesday, when the photo is shown in class, we will need to defend it while everyone else critiques the photo.

So, here is the photo I turned in. I decided on lines.

Honolulu, Hawaii, June, 2010

*Update July 1st: How my class went: I really enjoyed the variety of themes chosen by the different people in the class.  I think I am going to learn a lot from everyone.  I feel a little more relaxed now that I got my first photo out of the way.  I received some nice critiques on my photo and my teacher said that my theme (lines in nature – had to make it a bit more specific) sounded like an interesting theme.  Oh, and can you see a letter in my leaf photo?  I didn’t notice it until my teacher pointed it out.

8 thoughts on “new photography class

  1. Hi Girasoli, Your photography class sounds so interesting. Great choice for your Lines subject. I need to try to dedicate more time to practicing my photography, but I always get so distracted. But reading about your classes and lessons is good motivation for me.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


  2. I see a giant “E” in your leaf photo, is that what your instructor was referring to? It’s a wonderful shot, an excellent choice.
    Glad to hear that the classes have started, they sound like a wonderful challenge/opportunity.


  3. Hi Girasoli, That’s cool that you had some good comments on your photos. I had to look closely at your photo for the letter. Is it “E”? If it is, I did not see it either. No wonder he is a teacher, he has a very good eye. Have a great 4th of July Holiday.


  4. Good choice on the theme. I like your first photo. It took me a while to see the letter. When I was in South Africa, one of guest house owners was taking a photography class. The class assignment was to take a picture that showed a letter of the alphabet. She was doing really well. I thought it was just so tough. But it would definitely improve your ability to see and compose a photo.
    Good luck – I hope you post more of your photos for the class.


  5. Annie, thanks. I think it will be a fun theme.

    Kathy, yes! an E :) It was nice to hear some nice comments about my photo at my class.

    sandra, good eye! Yes it is an E. My class certainly is going to be challenging looking at the future homework assignments.

    Palma, thanks!

    Marta, I am glad you liked my photo. It took me forever to choose one. My teacher mentioned that idea of going out to take nature photos with alphabet letters in them, trying to find one for each letter.


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