“triangle”~ PhotoHunt

Ancient triangles…


All three photos were taken at the Museo Archeologico(Archaeological Museum) in Verona, Italy last summer.

8 thoughts on ““triangle”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, I really like your photo collection of Ancient Triangles. Seems like that’s a pretty interesting museum in Verona. Wish I can one day see it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks everyone. If you ever get the chance to get to Verona, I would highly recommend this museum. I visited this museum once many years ago and have always wanted to go back. I dragged Katia all over Verona to get to this museum last summer during our daytrip to Verona – something I still need to write about. It is a small museum. We were the only ones there during our visit besides a few museum workers. There were no “no photos” signs posted and the two ladies we encountered in some of the rooms did not say anything, so I assume as long as you keep your flash off, photos are allowed.


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