“stripes”~ PhotoHunt

For some reason, lines are one of my favorite things to photograph. I have taken tons of photographs with both obvious stripes and lines that could represent more creative stripes. Even so, I decided to go with this very simple photograph of a cross walk in downtown Honolulu.

I took this photo in July as one of many photos representing lines when trying to come up with a theme and a photograph to turn in for my first assignment. And let me tell you, for some strange reason, people waiting to use this crosswalk were not too happy with me taking photos of these lines.


Happy Saturday everyone!! :)

7 thoughts on ““stripes”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, that’s a cool photo and perfect for this week’s theme. Your class assignment photo was cool too. I remember seeing it. That is funny that the people weren’t happy with you taking a photo.
    Have and wonderful weekend!


  2. Aloha Girasoli! Its so nice to see you on your blog once again. I have been struggling for several months, not being able to do much with my blog. Just don’t want to quit, but feel like I am not giving it my all either. Love your photo of strips, great for this weeks challenge. Hope you are feeling better. Have a good week!


  3. It’s a cool photo. I’m not sure I would have figured out what it was if you hadn’t told us…it almost looks like steps or Escher! Glad you’re blogging again.


  4. Glad you are back. Nice take on the stripes. And thanks for the comments on our upcoming trip to Hawaii. G wanted to see the silverswords and is actually excited about Maui. Right now the problem is too many things to do and see.


  5. HI everyone, sorry that I have not replied sooner. Thanks for all your kind words about my photo. I was iffy on this one. I like the lines and like how it almost looks 3Dish but I don’t really like the colors.
    Kathy, they were upset that I was just standing there when the walk signal came on. They had to walk around me! It was a busy intersection right near the State Capital. Of course once they started walking, I had to wait to take a photo because I did not want their feet in the photo :)
    Annie, Escher – cool! :) I think I am a little mathematical with my photos. I always loved math in school.
    Marta, I think you will both love Maui!


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