“written”~ PhotoHunt


It may be time to replace this written sign located behind the Iolani Palace by the big banyan trees. If you are having trouble reading this, the top part of the sign says: PLEASE DO NOT CARVE OR DEFACE TREE and the bottom part of the sign says: DO NOT CLIMB THE TREE and below that, DO NOT SWING FROM ROOTS.

Have a great day everyone :)

*11-28 Edited to add more photos of the banyan trees and the roots…


4 thoughts on ““written”~ PhotoHunt

  1. I like this, it’s funny! Can’t believe they have to tell people not to swing from the roots, ha ha. Great find!
    Hope you’re having a nice long holiday weekend. :)


  2. menehune, thanks! I love visiting the Iolani Palace. Such a beautiful place!
    Annie, thanks! I should have added photos of the roots. Just did that! Kids swing on them all of the time. Strange I know but very tempting. :) I think you would love seeing these trees.


  3. Hi from Berlin Girasoli,
    Great photos and take on this week’s theme. Poor little sign does need replacing :). I also love your gecko photos too.


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