little green gecko

I have been meaning to add my favorite gecko photos from my visit to the Lyon Arboretum. I believe this gecko is a I think it was a Madagascar day gecko but I am not positive.

I am generally NOT a fan of geckos, at least the brown variety that occasionally take up residence in my house but this little gecko was so cute. He or she was pretty curious as I started taking photos and even crawled right up to me. I am not sure if it was the reflection in my lens that interested this gecko or just a strange person snapping photos. The gecko started out by peeking its head over a leaf and eventually even posed for me.


5 thoughts on “little green gecko

  1. Wonderful photos, Girasoli -=- you’ve really captured the little guy’s personality! (See, I’m already assuming that he’s a he!)


  2. Thanks everyone :) He was so fun to photograph! I was leaning more towards a “he” also but did not want to leave out the possibility in case the little gecko was a “she”.


  3. Aloha,
    I don’t read many blogs but happened upon this post. Is GEICO insurance offered in Hawaii? If so, why not send them copies of these adorable photos…perhaps you’ll get free insurance for the photo rights!!
    All of your photos are molto bene!!


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