“free week”~ PhotoHunt

Free week. This was tougher than I thought it would be. After going through a bunch of my photos, I decided to post more photos of the water lilies I took while visiting the Lyon Arboretum.


6 thoughts on ““free week”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Beautiful. I remember how much you like waterlilies. These can be hard to photograph especially given the distance and the glare from the water. You did an excellent job.


  2. Thanks Marta. It was a strange day – rain, sun, overcast sky. I used my 60mm macro lens for these photos. I was able to kneel on the rocks to get sort of close to some of the flowers. They were fun to photograph.


  3. The color of the waterlily is fantastic and your shots are very clear! I’ve been fooling around with PhotoShop Elements over the holiday break. That could be almost be as addicting as photography! Have you tried it?


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