bought my ticket for Italia this morning!

I just could not get motivated about the PhotoHunt theme (standing) this week. Instead, I would like to share my Italy plans. YES :) I am heading back to Italy this summer!!!!

To get into the spirit, first I would like to share a few Italian flag photos I took during the same afternoon and evening as my previous post.

Now about my trip…

I will be flying in and out of Malpensa Airport. I don’t have the first four nights of my itinerary set yet but will either spend this time with my friends in Coccaglio or possibly spend the time in Verona or Parma or who knows? There are tons of possibilities.

My next stop will be 6 nights in Venice staying at a cool little B&B that my blogging friend Annie discovered.

I have been to Venice four times so far. I didn’t like Venice during my first visit. In Venice’s defense, I did the two night rush around and try to see as many things as possible type of stay. Two years later, I booked a hotel in Venezia Mestre my last night in Italy and spent the afternoon/evening in Venice and I liked it. Five years later, I returned to Venice again. This time, I fell in love with Venice. I returned again following year for a week and loved every minute of my stay. This will be my fifth time in Venice and as a bonus, my blogging friend Sandra will also be staying at the same B&B for 4 of the 6 nights of my stay!

My final destination, well final before the boring last night at the airport hotel stay, will be 10 nights in an apartment very close to Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know how much I love Bologna. This will also be my fifth stay in Bologna. During this trip, I will not only enjoy more time in this wonderful city, but I will also be taking Italian lessons for a week with Andrea of Bolognalingua. My blogging friend Palma spent three weeks last summer studying with Andrea. I read her blog every day while she was in Bologna and dreamed of doing the same thing one day. At first it didn’t look like it was going to work out because he was booked during the time period I planned to be in Italy but then the person reserving one of the weeks that worked for me had his dates mixed up and the week opened up! What luck!!

I have not formally studied Italian for many years now and my Italian has suffered because of this. I will definitely be doing some cramming before leaving for Italy this summer. I planned my itinerary so that I would have some time to shake out some of the cobwebs and become a little more comfortable speaking before my lessons begin. I am hoping that after a week of intensive Italian language lessons, I will then be able to use my improved Italian during the last few days of my trip while I hang out in Bologna and/or take a few day trips.

I tailored this trip so that I would only have to travel by train with my luggage on four occasions. Also, most of my train travel will be direct, meaning I won’t have to lug my bags up and down stairs at lightening speed to catch connecting trains and I purposefully made my last stop in Bologna so I could take advantage of the new direct train from Bologna to Malpensa Airport.

Just for fun, I made a word cloud of this post:

Picture 61.png

9 thoughts on “bought my ticket for Italia this morning!

  1. Girasoli,
    Oh, this sounds like a wonderful trip!!! I wish I was planning my trip to Italy, but not this year. We spent 2 fantastic weeks in an apt in Venice last May, and it was all that I hoped it to be. We took a 2 day side trip to Verona, and truly loved it there.
    I love reading your blog as you prepare for your trip and while you are on one, so I will be traveling vicariously with you this summer!


  2. Hi Girasoli, Whoo hoo!! Congrats on your airlines ticket purchase. My trips seem so much more real when I buy my tickets and it’s always a thrilling moment knowing I am actually going. Sounds like you have a wonderful itinerary, actually being in Venice while Sandra is there and taking lessons in Bologna. I love the word cloud you did. Btw, I notice that Venice and Bologna are pretty big. :)
    I am looking forward to reading more about your plans. Enjoy the trip planning phase.


  3. Brilliant plan!! Clearly, you were meant to spend some time studying in Bologna. And I’m really looking forward to spending some time together in Venice and perhaps Padova , with Giotto!
    This is really part of the fun, planning, with so many great options aheady of us.


  4. I can feel your excitement! Dreams do come true…Can’t wait to hear and see photos about it! Let’s hope Annie gets a discount the next time she travels to Italy? The Venice B&B’s name has been noted. Happy, happy planning!


  5. How exciting! I love the feeling after I’ve finally bought the plane ticket. I’m so happy that Fujiyama had rooms for both you and Sandra. You’re going to love it there. The owners (Carlo and Wenye) are so nice and fun to talk to. Excellent cappucino for breakfast too. I only spent an afternoon in Bologna and would love to go back someday if I can ever tear myself away from Venice.
    The flags are ‘standing” so really, you did address the PH theme too!


  6. Eden, thanks! I hope to do at least a little blogging this summer.
    SandraK, I really enjoyed reading about your trip last year. I also love your photos!
    Kathy, yes, it really does feel real once the tickets are purchased! I am so excited I was able to overlap my trip with Sandra and am really looking forward to the Italian language lessons in Bologna. Glad you like the word cloud :)
    sandrac, I am really excited to get to spend time with you in Venice! Definitely Giotto!!
    expatraveler, it will be an interesting trip – first time taking a DSLR camera. Am a little nervous. Hope to take some great photos.
    menehune, thanks! It has been too long! I am definitely going to mention once again how Annie told us about their B&B.
    Annie, I can’t believe I was able to snag a room after Sandra already booked one. I am really looking foward to staying at this B&B and to get to know the Dorsoduro sestiere. Hopefully the weather will be perfect for morning breakfasts outside. Glad to know they make good cappuccino :) I hope you get to spend more time in Bologna some day. I think you would love it. It would be a stretch, but I guess I could have used the flags for standing.


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