“silhouette/mostly black”~ PhotoHunt

I did search for some silhouette photos last week but wasn’t able to find any that I liked. Tonight when I opened up my iPhoto program, the first thing I saw was silhouette photos! As they say, “When it rains it pours”. Once I found the first couple of silhouette photos, it seemed all I could find was more silhouette photos when looking for mostly black photos. I figure since silhouette photos also fall under the category of mostly black, I would combine the two weeks. I realize I have posted some of these photos before but I thought they looked pretty cool all in one place.

The first two photos are sunrise photos. I took these a year ago right outside my window.


I took this next photo last April as the sun was setting, again right outside my window.


This next photo was taken last July with my new camera. I remember being home watching a Red Sox game when at one point, I glanced outside my window and noticed this amazing sunset. I was torn because I did not want to miss any of the game but I also could not ignore the amazing colors in the sky. I grabbed my camera and went outside as soon as the inning was over and took a few photos. This was my favorite.


This last photo was taken in the evening up on the North Shore in August 2007 when Katia and Guido were here visiting. As you can probably tell by now, I love palm trees.


5 thoughts on ““silhouette/mostly black”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi, love all your photos, the last two are my favorite!! I too love photos of palm trees. You are so lucky to live where they grow naturally. Whenever I would visit Hawaii, I always took lots of photos of them too, they are just so graceful!!


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are all very beautiful. I’m partial to sunsets myself, so I love them all. Great double duty choices for these themes.


  3. Beautiful shots! Isn’t it always the way – search for one thing but you find something else instead . . . LOL
    You have such a great eye for photography.
    Have a super weekend.


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