busy with baseball

I have been totally obsessed with baseball lately.

Not only have I been watching Red Sox games, but I’ve also finally bit the bullet and jumped into the world of fantasy baseball!

I have always wanted to get involved with fantasy baseball but I have never had the courage to do so until this year. I decided to join a public league, one where I didn’t know anyone else. I have no clue what I am doing but figured the only way to learn was to dive right in. It would be a learning year. Meanwhile, right after I joined the league, I was invited to join another league with a bunch of Sox fans I know through twitter.

So now, not only am I trying to figure out this whole fantasy baseball league thing, but I am managing TWO teams! That means, I need to keep track of players on almost every team in baseball. So now, I am not only watching Red Sox games, and the occasional game between two other American League teams, but I am also keeping track of teams in both leagues and watching as many games as I can daily. That is a lot of baseball! Good thing I love baseball!

My team with my Sox friends is doing terribly. I screwed up when doing the draft so I knew right away I was pretty doomed in this league, especially since there are 20 teams in the league and not many players left to pick up. My goal for this league is to just not come in last.

My other team is doing surprisingly well. I’m not in first place, but I am hanging in there. There are free agents, waivers, trades, etc. I have to check the line ups in the morning to make sure I bench the right players. Today I made a major error! It can leave you pretty dizzy, but I am having fun.

So, there’s my complete obsession with baseball, the end of the school year is coming up (6 more weeks left), and somehow I need to find time to prepare for my trip.

Stay well everyone. Talk to you all real soon :)

GO SOX!!!!

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3 thoughts on “busy with baseball

  1. I played fantasy baseball one time, many years ago. It was a comedy of errors because virtually my whole team ended up on the DL for a wild variety of ailments. It was fun but once was enough. :) Good luck to your teams!


  2. Aloha once again! I chuckled reading your post as I can totally understand how all-time consuming this can be as Ty was a regular fantasy bb and football player. My daughter got hooked on fantasy football this past season. Glad to hear you are doing well and will be blogging from Italy. It will be nice to hear about your Italian adventures. Just finishing up a trip to Hawaii – actually leave for home tomorrow. It gets harder each time to leave these islands….stay well!


  3. Hi Girasoli, I have never tried playing a fantasy game. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying it. I’m also glad to see that your Sox are doing better recently. I am glad you’ll be blogging from Italy. I am looking forward to reading your posts as well as Sandra’s and Anne. Wow, maybe I need to get myself back to Italy soon too. :) You all make me long for my return. I think the next six weeks will fly by and soon you’ll be back in Italy. Will you be keeping up with your sox while there?
    Enjoy the rest of your school year and pre-trip planning. And good luck with your fantasy teams….


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