day 3 in Venezia ~ part 2 (2011 trip)

Wednesday June 8th:
After taking photos from the Ponte dell’Accademia, I went back to my B&B, dropped off my larger photo bag and camera and jumped back on the vaporetto heading to the train station, taking my new little point & shoot camera with me. The skies suddenly turned gray and the wind picked up again just as I arrived at the vaporetto stop. This was a more crowded vaporetto ride and the wind was blowing hard at times while taking photos along the way. I didn’t end up with many good photos but here are a few I thought I would share.


Train station:


I met Sandra right inside the train station. It was really nice to see Sandra again. We first met in Roma after knowing each other through blogging and Slow Travel and have been friends since then.

I really expected much more luggage than what she was traveling with. We carried her two bags down the stairs and headed to the Venice Connected spot to pick up her vaporetto pass. Then after first almost getting on the wrong vaporetto (my mistake), we waited in the correct area to take the number 1 vaporetto back to our B&B.

After arriving at B&B Fujiyama, Sandra checked in and unpacked. I went up to my room to download some photos and then went back downstairs and chatted with Wenyu and Carlo for a while.

We had reservations for dinner at La Zucca in the evening. We decided to take the vaporetto. It ended up being perfect timing as the end of our ride coincided with a beautiful sunset.


We arrived at La Zucca about 30 minutes or so before our reservation. La Zucca is located in my favorite campo, Campo San Giacomo da l’Orio, in the Santa Croce sestiere. While waiting, we went over to nearby Al Prosecco for a drink. Dinner was fabulous although it took me a while to get over the fact that they were not offering my favorite dish.

After dinner, we decided to walk back to our B&B. We ended up getting a little lost along the way but that was fine with me as it turned out to be a beautiful evening. My camera does not take the best night photos but here are a few I took during our walk back to our B&B. The first three are of Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio and I am not sure exactly where the last three were taken. I know it was somewhere looking out onto the Grand Canal.


Next up – Thursday in Venezia

5 thoughts on “day 3 in Venezia ~ part 2 (2011 trip)

  1. Hi Girasoli, wow these are very beautiful photos. I love the sunset…..Very cool that you were able to spend time with Sandra.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. It was fun to get together again with you, Girasoli! And I think our meal at La Zucca was the best of my trip (but it was too bad that your favourite wasn’t on the menu that night.)


  3. I think all of your photos are spectacular….yes, the evening ones too!!! Wish I could have been in Venice to hang out with you and Sandra….getting lost and drinking prosecco is something I do very well. :)


  4. Thanks Kathy :) Sunsets are always cool to see, especially in Venice!
    sandrac, ahh but the meal I had was still great and it was wonderful spending time together.
    Mindy, thanks! Too bad you weren’t in Venice when we were there. That would have been fun!
    Thanks Sandra! The moon was beautiful that evening. Not sure if it was a full moon though. Can’t remember now.


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