look who I found on the beach the other day


I usually stay away from the beach on summer holidays because of the crowds and because of the difficulty finding a parking spot but Monday turned out to be a beautiful day and so after watching the Red Sox game (it was not pretty), I decided to go to the beach for the afternoon, trying my luck at this little stretch of beach not too far from my house.

This is a beach that does not have a lifeguard and is usually pretty empty. Parking is along the side of the road only on the beach side.

It was my lucky day! I spotted one little open spot where I managed to squeeze in between two cars. After grabbing my chair, I scanned the beach for a good spot, and there he was. The cutest little Hawaiian monk seal hanging out on the beach. Well, not that little, but he was a just a baby, a 1-year old seal.

I took a few photos with my little compact camera.

Even though the sign is in the way, I love the photo below of both the seal and a girl laying out getting a tan.


Here’s one more photo of the seal with Diamond Head in the background.


After taking a few photos, I set up my chair near the seal, settled in, read my book, watched the kids play in the ocean, and checked out the seal now and then. At one point, about an hour after I arrived, the seal rolled onto his back and started to use his two flippers to rub his chin. That was it. He was just too cute. I could not sit there any longer. I had to go back home to grab my good camera. I knew the seal wasn’t going anywhere but I was a little worried that I might not be able to find another parking spot when I returned.

When I returned to the beach, again luck was on my side. I saw an open spot and I grabbed it. There was a path right by my car that lead up to the beach where a bunch of tents were set up. I walked up the path and took a right, thinking that I had parked much closer to the other end of the beach. I started walking down the beach for about 10 minutes before realizing that the seal had to be down the other end of the beach. Have I mentioned before that I have no sense of direction?

The funny thing is that after walking back in the other direction and just around the bend by the tents where my car was parked, there was the seal, not more than 3 or 4 cars lengths away from where I originally parked. All I had to do was turn left instead of right and the seal was right there around the corner from my new parking spot! Well… a little walk on the beach never hurts anyone :)

The seal was back on his stomach when I returned so I never got any close ups of his cute tan little tummy.

I hung out taking photos from every angle just on the outside of the ropes set up to protect the seal. The seal started out by not moving much at all. Eventually as the water kept coming up and splashing near his face, he would get aggravated and move just a little bit. Finally when the water started coming up more frequently as the tide came up, he turned his body around, flipped over a couple of times, and eventually swam away. Below are a bunch of photos I took from the time the seal was just hanging out snoozing to the time when he went back into the water.

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8 thoughts on “look who I found on the beach the other day

  1. Fantastic shots, these are so cool!
    Like Annie, I especially like the photo where he’s all stretched out, just like the girl sunbathing.


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are very cool shots. I love those tight close ups of his face. He/she seems so relaxed. I’m extremely jealous …. I would love to be sunbathing on a nice sandy beach in Hawaii with the waves cooling me off every now and then . . . :)


  3. Hi G: Nice to hear from you! I haven’t been around the blogsphere for a while – Facebook seems to be my rapid-writing style these days. Will have to catch up on your trip to Italy, but these photos of the monk seal are priceless. If only I could find the peacefulness of just laying on a beach…I could get used to that! And the Red Sox are now in First Place – yeah! Well, a few pitchers are on the DL but ole’ Faithful Wakefield is still striking out!


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