Brrrrr ~ it’s FREEZING!! This time for real. -10 on the mountain right now. Hopefully it will warm up soon. I am in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Arrived yesterday and it was snowing!! First time in 16 years that I have been in the snow.


My flight was short compared to the long 24+ hour treks to Italy but with a screaming kid a few rows in front of me, it sured seemed like that flight would never end. Even though I hit the jackpot, ending up with an empty seat next to me, I probably only ended up sleeping for about 2 hours.

The plane arrived at 8:40 am. My aunt & uncle were there to pick me up. We headed to breakfast, did some shopping, and then did the long drive up to Steamboat. It was so much fun being out in the snow. Here’s a little photo journey of my day.

It was dark when we arrived, so no photos of Steamboat yet.

Skiing today!! Have a great one and stay warm!

8 thoughts on “SNOW!!!!!!!

  1. Merry Christmas Girasoli! Looks like you’re going to have a very White Christmas this year. thanks so much for sharing your photos.
    Have fun skiing!


  2. sheri, thanks so much for stopping by! Happy holidays to you too! I would love to keep all the snow here. Problem is, we are not getting enough! The ski trails are thinning more and more each day.
    Jerry, yeah, I agree. Snow on Christmas is the best! I always miss it every Christmas. Merry Christmas to you too!
    Kathy, thanks! Luckily there still is a little snow on the ground. Merry Christmas!
    Michael, thanks! Have a great Christmas!


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