fun on the slopes

I have gone skiing twice now, last Friday and yesterday. I would be on the slopes again today but the snow situation up on the mountain is pretty dismal. Snow gods, please make it snow before I leave.

The good thing about the lack of snow is that the mountain was empty both days that we skied. At times, my uncle and I had an entire run to ourselves. Yesterday, we decided to ski all the way down to the bottom and take the gondola up again a second time. The guy checking tickets remembered us!

The ski area really has done a wonderful job grooming the runs and making snow but there just have been too many days gone by now with no new snow. Although we did manage to find a few great spots to ski, many of the runs are icy and there are spots where grass, dirt, rocks, and even a tiny bit of a creek are showing through. One of the easy runs we did was like an obstacle course, negotiating between rocks and ice patches as we skied down.

I still had a fantastic time both days. I was a little worried that I would not remember how to ski when I first got on my skis last Friday, but if I ran into any problems, at least I knew the rescue St.Bernards were out in force…

It really was just like riding a bike though. After about 15 minutes, it all cam back to me. I am not a great skier but I can hold my own on blue runs and could probably do a few black diamonds if I was brave enough and the snow was better. The workouts I did prior to coming to Steamboat to get in shape for skiing made a huge difference, especially when skiing on icy patches. The only body part I neglected, which I realized was an important part of skiing was my thumbs!

My uncle and I took a lot of photos last Friday. It was colder on Monday, so I only took a few photos that day. Hopefully I will be back on the slopes again before returning to Hawaii if the 20% 30% 20% chance of snow this week happens.

Taking the gondola up…

Thunderhead (where the gondola lets everyone off)…

Taking the lift up to the top of the mountain…
Me at the top…

Skiing (sometimes the wrong way!)…

Me skiing…
skiing 2.pngskiing 1.png

My uncle skiing…

Another lift at the top…

Cameras on the top of helmets seem to the be all the rage…

More photos up on the mountain…

The end of the day…

3 thoughts on “fun on the slopes

  1. Hi Girasoli, looks like you’re having a blast skiing with your family! That’s so great that you had some sections to yourself. Nothing is more scary to me then when the runs are a bit too crowded. I’m kind of surprised at the lack of snow though. And that St Bernard is just a cutie.
    Keep on having fun.


  2. Wow — look at you! I didn’t realize you ski, and how wonderful that it came back to you.
    Great photos, and I love the Saint Bernard!


  3. This looks like fun but seeing all this snow makes me cold! That dog is awesome. :) We havent’ had a single flake of snow in NC yet; I hope we get a little bit but not too much.


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