Continuing with my Steamboat trip….

Since there was little snow to be found in town on Friday, we went in search of winter to go snowshoeing, something else I have not done in a really long time.

My uncle got a head start, riding his bike.

We met him in Clark at the Clark Store. While we were waiting, I took a bunch of photos that I will share in another post. After my uncle arrived and loaded his bike in the car, we headed on, climbing altitude a bit towards Hahns Peak to find more snow and a place to go snowshoeing.

First, we went to Steamboat Lake, but all the places to park charged a daily $7 fee park pass. We decided to try another area nearby instead. Our fun began though before leaving the Steamboat Lake area when we got stuck in a ditch. Fortunately, I was with experienced snow people and we eventually were able to get the car out of the ditch (of course with no help by me, who sat in the car wondering if we would be there all night freezing in the cold car). Here’s the evidence of the ditch we were stuck in.

After a short drive, we arrived at the Pearl Lake parking area. There we found the same sign, charging a $7 daily park pass fee. We parked outside the little parking lot, hoping that way, we would not have to pay that fee since we were only going to be there for a few hours at most.

I have only snowshoed a couple of times before. It is a lot like hiking. This time I was in much better shape and was excited for the outdoor adventure. My uncle & I snowshoed while my aunt went on cross country skis.

It was a little chilly when we first got our gear on, but with the activity level, it warmed right up as long as we were in the sun. I took my nice camera with me, which meant I could not fall. That along with trying to figure out how to pee without getting any on my snowshoes in the snow were my two big challenges.

I took lots of photos along the way (none of me peeing of course!).

My aunt…


My uncle…

My snowshoes…

My tracks…

My aunt & uncle…


This sign cracked me up…

Heading up….

Heading back down to the parking lot…

AND when we got back to the parking lot…there waiting for us on the car was a ticket or notice letting us know that we needed to pay the $7 OR I am sure some sort of larger fine would be given. Here’s my aunt paying the fee…

and my uncle in front of the Pearl Lake sign…

What a fun day!

7 thoughts on “snowshoeing

  1. Hi G, wow snow shoeing looks like fun. It’s cool that you did a lot of new things on this trip and had a great time with your aunt and uncle. The sign was pretty funny. :)
    Have a great week.


  2. Hi Kathy, snowshoeing was lots of fun, especially in that beautiful setting. I had a fantastic vacation. Did not want to go home yet. The signs cracked me up.
    Hi Sheri, Happy New Year to you too!! Well, I know I am not getting any sympathy BUT it was 59 degrees here last night/this morning. Brrrr!!! COLD for us! Stay warm!


  3. Hi G: Happy New Year to you too! Hope your year is full of goodness, warmth(!), fun, travel, and leisure time. Miss your blogging but these photos are absolutely gorgeous – love the snow! And seriously glad that they have it and not the East Coast. Keep in touch. M


  4. Look at all that snow! That’s the only way to survive a snowy winter — get right out and embrace it (of course, I can say that from sunny and relatively warm Rome!)


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