photos from the Clark Store

I mentioned in my snowshoeing post that I took a bunch of photos outside while waiting for my uncle to arrive.

I took these around the corner and towards the back of the store…


This sign hangs out on the deck of the store. I don’t think ice cream is served this time of year.

While my uncle was loading his bike into the car, I took a bunch of photos trying to capture the ice melting. Here are a few of my favorites.



…and here is a close up of that last drip

3 thoughts on “photos from the Clark Store

  1. Hi G, wow your photos are really beautiful. And that last photo is pretty amazing. I love the reflection of the clouds and blue sky. Really cool capture!
    This place is really beautiful and so opposite of LA. I would love to visit one day just to get a way from the city life. Maybe one day.
    Thanks so much for sharing more of your photos and of your trip. You really had a lot of fun things that you did, especially that sleigh ride, that was really cool.


  2. Great photos. I don’t think I’d be up for eating ice cream with that much snow! Love the melting photos – the reflections in that last one are awesome.


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