beautiful sky at sunset

We have had a lot of vog here in Hawaii since I have returned from Colorado. The one bright side of the fog are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Last Friday when I was driving home, I could not keep my eyes off of the sky. I was mesmerized and so grateful to have witnessed such beauty. I knew it would be too late to capture the sun setting by the beach, so I pulled off and took these photos of the sky as the sun was beginning to set.





3 thoughts on “beautiful sky at sunset

  1. Hi G, wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunset with such vibrant Yellow before. And it really stands out against the dark clouds. Very cool!
    Great job pulling over and capturing the moment.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend. I guess I don’t have to ask who you are pulling for in the Superbowl game. :)


  2. Thanks Kathy! We get some amazing colors when it is voggy here. When I was driving home it looked like it was raining at one point in the distance. The clouds made it extra special… AND no you don’t :) GO Patriots!!


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